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About International Budo Renmei

International Budo Renmei


  • International Budo Renmei is based on the philosophy and principles of Sensei Dennis Fritchie, founder of the Bodai Shindo Ryu style. 
  • Sensei Dennis Fritchie is the founder and current Kaicho of International Budo Renmei.  Fritchie Sensei was a former Uchideshi and Jikideshi under Sensei Katsumi Niikura from 1982 until 1995, when he founded International Budo Renmei. 

Qualified Instructors


  • Each International Budo Renmei Senior Instructor has over 25 years of individual training years to provide students with the best possible teaching environment for learning.
  • The IBR developed a rigorous instructor trainee  program to help provide for new generations of IBR students. 
  • The program was designed to maintain consistent high standards, so each IBR Instructor anywhere in the world will have similar training and teaching skills.

Our Philosophy


  • Our mission is to build and maintain an organization that develops self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, honesty, integrity, courage, strength, and focus through the diligent practice and relentless training in the ways of karatedo, aikido, iaido and other martial arts.
  • To create an environment that promotes the health and well being of all who train, and create an environment that is free of politics and egos.
  • Our instructors are dedicated to fostering an environment that allows all students to perform at the best of their ability. Our instructors are committed to imparting their knowledge and wisdom so that students of International Budo Renmei may realize their full potential.
  • We welcome and encourage participation by everyone regardless of age, race, religion and sex. We seek and encourage diversity among our students and those we train with.
  • We promise to seek out the best training, knowledge, experience, and wisdom that the martial arts has to offer and to pass it on to our students so that our students may become not only better martial artists but better people as well.
  • International Budo Renmei is dedicated to developing positive role models, encouraging education and building leadership skills in those we train with. 

Martial Arts Taught in International Budo Renmei

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