Testing and Membership Fees

IBR testing and membership fees fulfill a number of needs. 

First,they pay for the Hombu operations to record and process testing.

Second, they support other Hombu services and IBR support and aid in the development of educational programs and materials for instructors. Also included are business support systems, market

research, and other IBR programs. 

Third, they support IBR technical services, which will help the IBR, reach worldwide recognition.

Membership Benefits

International Budo Renmei (IBR) is the organization that sets the standards for belt rankings and oversees all testing requirements for IBR dojos. IBR membership benefits include:


INSTRUCTORS - Every one of our schools will be inspected every year, and every instructor will be certified by the organization. This means the highest quality instruction available.

2. SEMINARS AND INSTRUCTOR CLINICS - Intensive instruction will be open to students in all the arts offered through International Budo Renmei. Classes on the history, tradition, and

philosophy of International Budo Renmei will be conducted on a regular basis.

3. NEWSLETTERS - International Budo Renmei will publish some newsletters covering events in the organization. You are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter.

4. MEDIA COVERAGE - International Budo Renmei intends to see our organization written up in the martial arts magazines and it will use other appropriate media to enhance our name and reputation.

5. U.S. HOMBU DOJO - With one central office you can get information on other students and where other International Budo Renmei dojos are located. All student information and answers on matters of the organization and the standardization of techniques will be handled through the Hombu Dojo.

6. VISITING OTHER DOJOS - If you are traveling, you have the right to work out at other International Budo Renmei dojos.

Please have your current membership card with you at this time. Addresses of other International Budo Renmei dojos are available at the Hombu Dojo.

7. TRANSFERRING DOJOS - If you move, International Budo Renmei will locate the nearest member dojo for you. Your current rank will be recognized by this member dojo.

8. ACCESS TO IBR SENIOR INSTRUCTORS - Senior instructors will be traveling to all International Budo Renmei dojos throughout the year. They will personally conduct seminars and

promotional tests during these visits. You will know where they are and when though the newsletter and your instructor, so that you can train with them.

9. "NO COST" MEMBERSHIP - International Budo Renmei will make every effort to provide you with a number of programs every year to participate in. As a member of International Budo

Renmei you will enjoy discounted attendance fees. These discounts along with other benefits should equal the cost of your membership fee.

10. GROWTH - International Budo Renmei will continue to grow and develop programs to aid in your advancement in the arts. You must adhere to the standards set forth by the IBR to insure 

uniformity within belt rankings as an IBR member Dojo.